Detectable [adjective]

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It was also only tested in people with symptoms, so its effectiveness in detecting asymptomatic infections is unknown.

So far, SterlingSky’s Hawkins says her agency hasn’t been able to detect any Google Guaranteed badges outside of the LSA program.

Many inboxes have been programmed to detect such words and automatically profile the emails as spam.

Those disease detectives conduct in-person interviews immediately after people receive results detecting coronavirus infections.

When the phone detects a sound of interest, the smartwatch vibrates and displays a notification.

Sensors printed on packages of food or medication could detect if the product got too hot or too cold and was no longer safe to use.

His team will continue to work on learning more about the deep ocean using these approaches, and he says future papers will deal with the kinds of species detected.

Researchers have detected about 120 such “Fast Radio Bursts” to date, and have come up with nearly half as many explanations.

Both were either not detected or found in “very low amounts” that were below regulation limits in both countries.

The brook was whispering secret things, and the drip from the trees made a soft tinkle, just detectable, on its pools.