Detected [verb]

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The prevalence of covid-19 detected in schools, in other words, shouldn’t be any different than if coronavirus testing were conducted among populations at local grocery stores or restaurants or gyms or public parks.

Followers of the chef’s cooking will detect more heat in his food at Moon Rabbit.

Some of its most notable achievements were finding evidence for the existence of neutron stars, directly imaging an asteroid for the first time in history, and detecting a pulsar that was home to the first exoplanets ever identified.

If a friend leaves a job, for instance, and no longer has a corporate line, Sunshine would, theoretically, automatically detect the change.

We did a bunch of work on technology to get better at detecting and understanding state bad actors and their attempts to manipulate elections, and we’ve been very transparent about this.

Much as a whitetail deer trusts its nose when it comes to detecting danger, fish react immediately and without question to any strong vibrations they feel.

Unlike lab-based, molecular PCR tests, which detect snippets of the virus’s genetic material, antigen tests are less sensitive because they can only detect samples with a higher viral load.

Pekosz last month co-authored a study, paid for by the company, that reported Becton Dickinson’s test was very good at detecting infectious individuals, though the sample size was small.

Benzene, a known carcinogen, had been detected in the water supply.

In other words, since Election Day, about 850,000 new coronavirus cases have been detected, or 1 in 390 Americans.