Detective [noun]

Definition of Detective:

investigator of crime

Synonyms of Detective:

Opposite/Antonyms of Detective:


Sentence/Example of Detective:

Then, the two paramedics and two city police officers and a detective walked into the room.

Only then would the detective seek other evidence like eyewitnesses or forensic data to justify arresting and charging the subject.

He’s an epidemiologist, or disease detective, in Canada at the University of Toronto.

She’s a virus detective at the University of California, Davis.

His team described how its detective work led to this conclusion in the January 2015 EMBO Molecular Medicine.

The door opened and a plain clothes detective entered the office.

So did my versatile friend, joyously confident in his powers, start on his glorious career as a private detective.

Detective Frey came in and saw Duggin lying dead, and he figured he'd go out and do big things.

The detective went downstairs and talked with Mrs. McCarthy a few minutes, and then took his leave.

The detective Agnes had retained, called on Baptiste's lawyers and held a lengthy consultation.