Determinative [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Determinative:

The reader should remember the name, for it was the scene of one of the most remarkable and determinative events in history.

The internal condition is determinative, for things that are boresome to one may be very interesting to another.

While ìd means primarily “water of the sea”, it is much used also as a determinative before names of rivers.

It is a confirmatory method rather than a determinative one.

The utterances of the Independent were determinative of popular thought and conviction in an extraordinary degree.

There can be no real choice in the absence of a determinative influence exercised by one of the things chosen.

His sign is hieroglyph 11, with which, to be sure, the unusual sign 12 (v) appears as a not very intelligible determinative.

In what cases do we use nouns unpreceded by any article or other determinative word?

Derive the masculine dative singular form of the superlative adjective grsst—when not preceded by a determinative.

A crisis was reached in his career and a determinative phase of American history entered upon.