Determinedly [adverb]

Definition of Determinedly:

not humorously

Opposite/Antonyms of Determinedly:

Sentence/Example of Determinedly:

The premier was so determined to keep Cummings that he appeared in public at press conferences and in parliament to answer questions and repeatedly defend his adviser’s actions.

The power of these memories, which he sometimes captures on video, are why Rease felt determined to find a way to continue his project when it became clear that the pandemic wasn’t ending anytime soon.

Always evolving and ever determined to marry disparate fields of research, Eberhard turned his focus to renewable energy in the 1970s and ’80s.

A DHS inspector general later determined there was no hacking and that the Internet traffic Kemp cited likely came from state employees visiting DHS databases.

In a few states, these voters could be required to cast a provisional ballot, which will be counted after the voter’s eligibility is confirmed and it’s determined that they did not already cast their absentee ballot.

This increases the chances that a determined hacker could intercept a key and access a meeting uninvited.

Availing himself of his legal experience, he fought the case determinedly and astutely.

But she shook her head quickly, determinedly, saying that as I had heard so much I must hear more.

Webber and Paula walked with their heads down, striding determinedly but without joy.

At Genevieve's aghast exclamation, however, she raised her head determinedly and began to wipe her eyes.