Determinism [noun]

Definition of Determinism:

resignation to a fate

Synonyms of Determinism:

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Sentence/Example of Determinism:

Biological determinism, the idea that human behavior is entirely innate, rightly makes people nervous.

I have discussed this question at length in my "Determinism or Free Will."

The same method should be followed with all the other expressions in the Bible which appear to teach determinism.

We shall see that Hasdai Crescas was more consistent, and admitted determinism.

In the present instance the objections to determinism are much greater and more serious than those to freedom.

This determinism is in the one case what Bergson calls "radical finalism," and in the other "radical mechanism."

Such is this depth of the problem of determinism—howe'er we solve it, we are brothers if we know it to be a problem.

I need not say how tickled I am at your too generous words about my Divinity school address on Determinism.

I can understand the determinism of the mere mechanical intellect which will not hear of a moral dimension to existence.

And if so, how do we distinguish its freedom from scientific Determinism?