Deterrence [noun]

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From a sports perspective, the strangest part of this worldwide tragedy has been the crippling social deterrence.

In the short run, deterrence is democracy’s most powerful weapon.

Nature has provided as far as possible for deterrence from over-interest.

For five decades, we have been successful in applying containment and deterrence in the Cold War.

When deterrence or diplomacy failed as in Kuwait, then the use of force was inevitable.

Let us assume the legitimate end of all punishment to be deterrence.

It follows that we must understand "deterrence" in a wider sense than we have hitherto given to it.

We have developed a realistic military strategy to deter threats to peace and to protect freedom if deterrence fails.

Strategic defenses that threaten no one could offer the world a safer, more stable basis for deterrence.

What the deterrence in a comparatively short prison term that leaves the prisoner with a firm grip on his bundle of loot?