Deterring [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Deterring:

In order to deter crowds, its annual Thanksgiving Day parade won’t go through its usual route through Manhattan.

Advocates have said that the rule is deterring many immigrants and their family members from using any government-funded health care or nutritional benefits.

Back in August, city of Chicago officials knew that piercing gusts of wind and sub-zero temperatures were only a few months away from deterring residents from eating outside and, in turn, devastating many of the city’s restaurants and bars.

Then we need enforcement, because I think that the way you deter police from crossing the line is the way you deter citizens from crossing the line.

This is because fines have not been successful in the past in Europe to deter perceived anticompetitive behavior.

That hasn’t deterred the new crop of American investors, and may have even encouraged some deals by offering lower valuations.

What can deter marketers and content creators from working with existing data is not knowing where to find the data they want.

Covid-19 will likely deter millions from voting in person, and mail-in voting isn’t shaping up to be much more promising.

Americans should never be deterred from exercising their right of self-defense.

Errors like this could deter users and damage a business’s trust, authority, and click-through-rate.