Detractors [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Detractors:

This misfortune gave another opportunity to his detractors, and again the Emperor lent his authority to their false accusations.

He defied all detractors in the most uncompromising way: they were liars and slanderers, and he only wished he knew their names.

Already that influence was at work, and Elizabeth had many detractors among those of the stricter persuasion.

He had his enemies and detractors, but the spontaneous outburst of feeling at his death proved his hold on the popular heart.

In his misery Abélard called on God for help,--his first great advance in that piety which detractors depreciated.

Milton, of course, whom my detractors say I condemn without due circumspection.

The accession of the new king brought matters to a head, and Glinski demanded justice between himself and his detractors.

He stands unsmirched by the mud thrown by his detractors; he stands undamaged even by the adulation of his admirers.

He did it—with a double vengeance: he made the detractors come to his knees and he made a fortune out of them—them alone.

The scoffers and detractors, naturally enough, were those people who had the least amount of psi ability.