Detrain [verb]

Definition of Detrain:

step down; land

Synonyms of Detrain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Detrain:

Sentence/Example of Detrain:

A few short halts at stations, and we detrain at Suez, to resume our journey by sea; we have completed the overland portion of it.

One unit took four and a half hours to detrain and several have taken more than three.

There they were to detrain and search every boat coming down from the north.

The troops will detrain somewhere this side the frontier, and we can all take our old seats.

Things being as they were at that point, the Commissioner had Jenning's command detrain there.

Orders to detrain for an embarkation center were momentarily expected.

It stirred the blood of everybody in our dull camp to see detachment after detachment of the second British brigade detrain.

It would take three days for all troops to detrain, so I sought the earliest opportunity of finding Miss Goche.

The men would detrain, march through the town, and disappear.

Among the passengers to detrain was a man in a long black coat.