Devastating [adjective]

Definition of Devastating:

causing devastation

Synonyms of Devastating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Devastating:

Sentence/Example of Devastating:

As devastating as the fires have become, we’re still just at the early edge of climate change, says Diego Saez-Gil, chief executive of Pachama, a startup using AI and satellite data to help restore and protect forests.

Just a few weeks after Hurricane Laura—the strongest storm on record to make landfall in Louisiana—brought devastating storm surges and rainfall to the Gulf Coast, there are now five more named storms in the Atlantic.

Learning of safety issues after millions of healthy people have been vaccinated would be devastating to the nation’s health and public confidence.

My sense was that of all the devastating consequences of a warming planet — changing landscapes, pandemics, mass extinctions — the potential movement of hundreds of millions of climate refugees across the planet stands to be among the most important.

Every week, we lose far more of our fellow citizens than died 19 years ago in the most devastating terrorist strike in American history.

“APT28’s unique history raises the prospect of follow-on information operations or other devastating activity,” Hultquist explained.

They left their devastating near miss from the previous season in the past and bulldozed the league en route to their first league title in 30 years.

In this exclusive report, contributing editor Kevin Fedarko spent two months inside the ultimate no-man’s-land, witnessing the devastating conflict.

The destruction is devastating, but the cleansing has its place.

This may mean that up to May he had remained in command in the north, though keeping clear of Bruce's devastating track.