Developmental [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Developmental:

This week, I want to talk about an example of what those developments make possible.

The money is meant to speed production and cut financial risk for the most promising of the dozens of inoculations in development.

We need as many vaccine candidates in development as we can muster.

Though a Covid-19 vaccine trial is going on in South Africa there is no primary vaccine development currently in Africa.

In addition to Kotch, Knewz currently has two full-time editors, one full-time staffer working on marketing and audience development and another dedicated project manager.

With all the newest developments we see in ecommerce software and seeing better research about consumer ecommerce habits, there are several new tactics you can try to increase your AOV in 2020.

This project is a very simple example of how quality development may dramatically improve website performance and monetization.

Because regular boosts in speed were guaranteed, software development focused on cutting the time it took to develop an application rather than the time it takes to run that application.

NREL engineers have been engaging with high-performance district projects across the country, such as the National Western Center, to help inform and guide the development of the URBANopt platform.

Kaplan and his team reported their development in the January Nature Materials.