Devilish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Devilish:

If ever a pretty woman's smile was devilish, Lucy Warrender's was, as she insisted on this partnership in her guilt.

"My men and I have a devilish importunate creditor," said he, slapping his stomach.

By the God above us, if I thought this was any of your devilish machinations, I would strike you to the earth!

The pamphlets have been distributed with devilish ingenuity amongst all national operatives, the army and the navy.

Then again, once the dusk filled the glade my impassive victim would become alert and up to some of his devilish tricks.

And do you know, Hilary, there's the makings of a devilish fine woman in Liosha, if one only knew the right way to take her.

The pain was devilish, and I wasn't used to being alone, and nobody caring a damn, and everybody believing me a cad and a bully.

Do you imagine these devilish seigneurs care aught for justice or injustice?

It's a devilish shame that a dozen tolerably well-armed men should be so helpless.

The old sergeant's glance was full of fury, Parpon's of a devilish sort of glee.