Devilment [noun]

Definition of Devilment:

trouble, damage

Opposite/Antonyms of Devilment:

Sentence/Example of Devilment:

But according to another legend he was a mere mortal, who had in life bitter experience of the devilment of his peculiar deity.

He said that I was learnin' 'em nobody knowed whut devilment.

Ah larnt enough to keep out of devilment and ah knowed how to cook.

"Pretty much what he always was doing,—mischief and devilment," said the Knight, half angrily.

"I know things is wrong on Trigger,—I am afeared Todd is at his devilment again," he said.

What devilment was the reef hatching now, that its claws should relax their clutch on the pillar and its icy spray be withheld?

The “no” was devilment pure and simple, and gave Mrs Fotheringham what is technically described as a “sensation.”

The relation of women to such devilment becomes more instructive when it has to be discovered through woman witnesses.

All three were flushed and mad, ripe for any devilment, when the thought of the woman crossed the pirate's evil mind.

There was an audacity about his old flame, a spirit and devilment, which appealed to his sporting instincts.