Devilry [noun]

Definition of Devilry:


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Sentence/Example of Devilry:

He was surrounded with bravado and devilry, with all the disbanded sins of the Flanders regiments.

The pen can give but a shadow of the drollery and devilry of the sweet, merry rogues that hailed the smiling morn.

They are desperate, then, and seem to exult in devilry of all kinds.

So I hit him, and hit him rather hard, for what he had said out of pure devilry.

All the—passez-moi le mot—devilry between the sexes begins at their separation.

You dare to stand there and tell me that, to aid this devilry, you pushed a woman into shame—and that woman Isabel Brooks?

I hear the voice of that vagabond Arrowhead among them, and he is urging them to set about their devilry this very night.

It gave them joy indeed to think what stupendous powers of devilry they could concentrate on so tiny a stage.

There, amidst riot and devilry, he sat silently puffing at his pipe, with a set face and a smouldering eye.

Fleetwood chuckled at a vision of romantic devilry—perfectly legitimate too.