Devious [adjective]

Definition of Devious:

dishonest, crafty

Opposite/Antonyms of Devious:

Sentence/Example of Devious:

Easterns are born with an appetite for intrigue, with a love of walking in hidden ways and creeping along devious paths.

The conversation had come, by some devious route, to Vegetarianism; and the clergyman was disapproving of it.

Fettes, with various liquors singing in his head, returned home with devious footsteps and a mind entirely in abeyance.

The remaining bullocks strayed devious, and the douce McLaughlan blandly absorbed the sheep.

Then he almost suspected that Lester was being devious and clever.

We still pursued a devious track amid rolling waves of ice, encountering beds of soft snow through which the sledges moved slowly.

She looked down the devious track of her past, counted over its unworthy and most unwomanly satisfactions, and wondered.

Before him, a rather broad river, with ripples like emeralds, wound its devious course.

After many devious turns, a patch of snow between two large abysses was reached.

Twice had he ridden in the dead of winter the devious trail through the Medicine Bow range to Frayne.