Devised [verb]

Definition of Devised:

conceive, dream up

Synonyms of Devised:

Opposite/Antonyms of Devised:

Sentence/Example of Devised:

Numerous methods for staining capsules have been devised, but few are satisfactory.

The most promising of the methods which have been devised are cryoscopy, the methylene-blue test, and the phloridzin test.

They were devised for counting the leukocytes in the same specimen with the red corpuscles.

Quentin Gray regarded the story of Kazmah as a very poor lie devised on the spur of the moment.

Rushing into an opposite extreme, the most outrageous receptacles for the precious dust were devised.

As new processing methods are devised, Virginia will undoubtedly increase the development of such resources.

This greatly distressed Birgitte and Mette, who devised many plans to induce the bird to act more circumspectly.

At this, the foreigners grew alarmed, and of necessity, devised ways and means to obtain an adequate substitute.

Thou hast devised confusion to thy house, thou hast cut off many people, and thy soul hath sinned.

To overcome these three disturbing factors a very ingenious form of balance has been devised.