Devolves [verb]

Definition of Devolves:


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Sentence/Example of Devolves:

Conversations about Embiid’s fitness often devolve into a chicken-or-the-egg debate.

Overall, reopening debates in many places have devolved into a battle of parents versus teachers.

Perhaps they realized they couldn’t split the baby after the situation devolved into literal chaos.

We shall propose that the duty of collecting the returns shall devolve on the excise.

There is duty incumbent on us which we cannot devolve on others.

He pretended by his sole act and deed, to devolve upon these the whole authority of the state.

Besides Rhoda, Master Gammon was being waited for; on whom would devolve the driving of the cart back from the station.

She never could devolve upon that if love failed her; art could only be a part of her love henceforward.

If this does not devolve upon her, there are other small duties she can perform at this time, such as filling and cleaning lamps.

Be that as it will, she is awakened by the unpleasant conviction that cares devolve upon her.