Devote [verb]

Definition of Devote:

commit one's energies, thoughts

Synonyms of Devote:

Opposite/Antonyms of Devote:

Sentence/Example of Devote:

Founded and opened to the public in 1960, Storm King was intended as a museum devoted to Hudson River School painting.

So serious was Magpayo about coaching that he sold his company so he could devote all of his attention to pursuing a full-time position.

Ehrlich devotes lots of space to fascinating acquaintances like Jens Danielsen, a hunter in northern Greenland whom she first introduced to readers in her book This Cold Heaven.

There are entire corners of TikTok devoted to fast food hacks, elaborate “secret” orders, trying and reviewing new menu items, or influencers simply sharing their regular orders.

Barrera suggested that the Petco Park vaccination super station should have lanes devoted solely to educators.

Lee was making 50 percent of his 3s through 10 games with Davidson when defending Atlantic 10 Conference champion Dayton devoted their defense to stopping him in a January 8 game — and held him scoreless in an overtime loss.

In the space devoted to writing down what conditions each of the skis would be best suited for, I noted skinning uphill as an AT setup, where of course lightness makes perfect sense.

It was sort of that thinking, that cancer’s a problem and we need to develop a treatment and we’re going to devote a lot of resources to it.

Any winter workout routine will depend on a number of factors, including your fitness level, your goals and how much time you can devote to training.

She did devote class time to the breach of the Capitol, beginning with a video summary of the events, and then started a conversation.