Dewdrop [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dewdrop:

Why, it was a great big dewdrop, right in the middle of a purple violet, that was growing underneath a shady fern.

One morning a little Dewdrop was resting on the petal of a wild rose that grew beside a river.

"This is like something, being a part of this river," said the Dewdrop as it mingled its tiny drop with the running river.

On went the river to a larger river, and by and by it came to the bay and the Dewdrop went rolling into it with the other water.

I must blow here and make the waves high, and you will never find your little Dewdrop.

The little Dewdrop was there somewhere in the great whole, but it was lost forever in its longing to become great.

And not a dewdrop fell from grass till midday, and wind would not touch a beast's tail until nones.

I was laughing at Alec about his yarn of the "Dewdrop," when an idea occurred to me.

The image of the sun is reflected differently in the dewdrop and in the majestic mirror of the wide-stretching ocean.

I well remember how he dealt in such alliteration as “the dewdrop glittering in the glen.”