Dexterity [noun]

Definition of Dexterity:

aptitude, ability

Synonyms of Dexterity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dexterity:

Sentence/Example of Dexterity:

Everyone should have a reliable pair of gloves on standby to ensure comfort and preservation of dexterity at home or while traveling.

At our test, this dexterity comes in handy when filling out review cards, which every tester has to do on lift rides in between laps.

Both Android and iOS now support swipe-to-type, which you may find works quicker than regular typing—but it really depends on your dexterity and what you find comfortable.

They’re also ideal for people who, because of reduced manual dexterity, might not be able to use traditional string floss.

The World Economic Forum’s 2018 Future of Jobs report listed things like manual dexterity, management of financial and material resources, and quality control and safety awareness as declining skills.

All the details of scroll carving by Stradivari at this period are marvels of mechanical dexterity of handling.

One of the cyclists, evidently to show his dexterity, undertook to cut around us by running across the tramway tracks.

The next instant, he has raked the butt of your discarded cigarette from beneath your feet with the dexterity of a- 31 - croupier.

Peter Demours died; a French surgeon and oculist, known for his dexterity, and author of some professional works.

The most skilful in this exercise are some species of baboons, which can hurl branches, stones, or hard clods with much dexterity.