Diabolical [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Diabolical:

The lady was passée, vulgar, and her temper was almost diabolical; but she still retained her hold upon Lord Hetton's affections.

If Maria does not take care, I shall write a much sharper invective against her, for not answering my Diabolical book.

Assassination and incendiarism were the common instruments of this diabolical association of fanaticism and bigotry.

What if that uncanny demon should return, and undo all his labor by some diabolical plan or act?

This wonder was accomplished by the magic power of a diabolical Rose which the lady carried in her bodice.

It was a stain that can never be effaced—a deed most diabolical, and what we thought would call down the vengeance of heaven.

We had frequently heard of his intended arrival at Oung-pen-la; but we had no idea of his diabolical purposes.

My pen fails me to record the diabolical manner in which Barrett played with his victim.

He smiled, such a soft, smooth, diabolical smile that I knew there was some trick behind his smoothness.

It had arrived at maturity about the time the diabolical article appeared in “The Quarterly.”