Diagnose [verb]

Definition of Diagnose:

identify problem, disease

Synonyms of Diagnose:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diagnose:

Sentence/Example of Diagnose:

It’s hard not to self-diagnose when thinking about the seeds.

That was late February, when Malara diagnosed Italy’s first case of locally transmitted Covid-19.

Ultimately, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic autoimmune disorder.

Looking at the records of over 73 million patients in the US, of whom 12,033 had Covid-19, the study found those who had recently been diagnosed with a substance use disorder were significantly more at risk of Covid-19 than the average population.

The most important thing is that now you understand how to find, diagnose, and fix this problem for your website.

If I diagnose or treat the fixed idea of a psychasthenic, the psychological factor itself represents the disturbance.

He could not diagnose her ailment; for who would have suspected that a young, beautiful, and rich woman was resolved to die?

The electrician soon learns to diagnose and prescribe for this, his most valuable charge.

It is for the teacher to correctly diagnose the case and administer the most efficient remedy.

Like doctors, we have to diagnose from circumstances—and even the greatest doctors are wrong at times.