Diagonally [adverb]

Definition of Diagonally:

at an angle

Synonyms of Diagonally:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diagonally:


Sentence/Example of Diagonally:

The diagonal-thinking capability that balances short-term necessity with longer-term opportunity.

The skeleton of the Venus’ flower basket, however, has pairs of diagonals running in both directions rather than the single diagonals crisscrossing a typical truss.

These pairs are spaced apart so the grid looks like a checkerboard, with diagonals crossing every other square.

In so doing, it drops below the diagonal line, one of the only counties to do so.

It reduces the turning radius of the vehicle, which is handy in everyday situations, but it also allows the truck to drive on a sideways diagonal path, like a crab.

The entries of the table are a value called the “trace” of each matrix, calculated by summing the diagonal entries from the upper left of the matrix to the lower right.

Panels may be woven either length-wise (step 8), crosswise (step 8), diagonally across the mat (step 4), or in zigzags (step 3).

I secured a used broom, the longer and newer the better, and cut the straws off diagonally across the sweeping edge.

The cloud passed across the straits diagonally to the south-west.

The last half-league of the way is very steep, and leads to the ridge of a chain of hillocks running diagonally across the valley.