Dialectical [adjective]

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We have now become familiar with two expressions of the dialectical method, the positive and the negation.

Doctor Eck was superior to Luther in reputation, in dialectical skill, in scholastic learning.

Let it not be supposed that this controversy about universals was a mere dialectical tournament, with no grand results.

As a mere exhibition of dialectical acumen, minute distinctions, and logical precision in the use of words, it was wonderful.

The report, with its various pieces of testimony, was presented to the Dialectical Society on the 20th of July, 1870.

One can scarcely doubt, also, the reality of the phantoms seen by the committee of the Dialectical Society of London.

It overlooks the paradoxical or dialectical nature of things which are not only separated but also connected.

There is no need, therefore, to generate dialectical disputes about the final goal of politics.

Indeed few traces of dialectical differences are to be observed in continental Celtic.

In the early part of this chapter, a statement she sent to the Dialectical Society has already been quoted.