Diameter [noun]

Definition of Diameter:

measurement across object

Synonyms of Diameter:

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Sentence/Example of Diameter:

I also like a slightly wider tire over the stock rubber, but I usually only get an inch larger diameter tire.

For now, the team plans to set the diameter of the cones by hand.

Both are tiny—Phobos, the larger, is 14 miles in diameter, scarcely bigger than Manhattan Island—but they also circle extremely close to the planet.

In contrast, a raindrop’s diameter can be 20 to 30 times that size.

Those deep sockets can increase the eye’s visual ability without increasing its diameter.

In cross-section the burrows varied from round (three inches in diameter) to oval (three inches high and four inches wide).

Reckoning that Neptune is the outermost planet of the solar system, that system would have a diameter of 5,584 millions of miles.

I think 6½ feet diameter for the fly, and 9½ inches diameter for the small wheel, will give speed enough to the drum.

The organism is an actively motile spiral thread, about four times the diameter of a red corpuscle in length.

The care shown in rearing insures a perfect straightness of stem, and an equable diameter of about an inch or an inch and a half.