Diaphragm [noun]

Definition of Diaphragm:

pregnancy prevention

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Sentence/Example of Diaphragm:

I still use the diaphragm and my boyfriend complains about a burning sensation when we have sex.

Lane put his hand into the abdominal incision and squeezed the heart through the diaphragm.

The diaphragm is peculiar in that it is somewhat circular in shape and is more or less tendinous or sinew-like in the middle.

Were the diaphragm to contract moderately the ribs would be but little drawn in, even if no muscles acted as antagonists.

The diaphragm being concave below toward the abdomen, the contents of this cavity fit closely to its under surface.

The chest is enlarged by the muscles of inspiration, the principal of which is the diaphragm or midriff.

Across the opposite end of this polarized magnet, crosswise to it, and very close, there is placed a diaphragm of thin sheet iron.

The wires are connected with the diaphragm and its support, and the current passes through the carbon.

When, however, the diaphragm contracts so that breath is drawn into the lungs to their full capacity, it becomes practically flat.

The bottom of the box (called the diaphragm) is not flat, but rounded, bulging upwards when the lungs are empty.