Diaries [noun]

Definition of Diaries:

recounting of activities in writing

Synonyms of Diaries:

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Sentence/Example of Diaries:

Personal diaries, journals and letters were frequently used during colonial days to describe ideas and events.

He is mentioned in numerous diaries and letters of the period.

They appeared to be, and indeed were, diaries, but they were not Mr. Milburgh's diaries.

His father was a Tory, and, so far as the diaries of the prison mates show, made no attempt to visit his son in prison.

From the Font-Anza diaries, together with that of Crespi, certain tentative conclusions may be reached.

I write from memory, unassisted by notes or diaries; and I have no distinct recollection of the length of our residence abroad.

But in seeking for materials for the diaries of our young folks, much that is new and interesting is sure to turn up.

"Two of those books were ships' logs, kept in the fashion of diaries, partly in Latin," explained the New Yorker.

Evelyn and Pepys were witnesses of these proceedings, and in their Diaries have recorded interesting particulars.

Disillusioned by their contents, he destroyed all his early diaries.