Dicey [adjective]

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Just a few years ago, the economics of home solar—setting aside the climate benefits—were still dicey in the US.

If even that is dicey, then say you’re recording everyone’s recollections, age notwithstanding.

It was dicier than it probably needed to be — Ohio State led 35-7 early in the second half -— but Ryan Day’s team earned the result it needed.

Every SaaS and cloud company crushed Q3, but Q4 is looking a bit more dicey.

Good edge engagement is critical to skiing fast, navigating dicey conditions, and maintaining control.

Using a paid approach to work with influencers can be dicey for political campaigns as paying an influencer to talk about a political candidate can come across as inauthentic.

This was dicey enough, because many crypto fans are privacy-focused, and would rather such companies didn’t exist at all.

To pile on to the dicey tests-in-schools situation, the teacher’s union for the county’s biggest school district recently made a list of demands in order for its members to return to physical classrooms.

Mr Dicey looked very grave and wise for a few seconds without answering.

The appearance of the sledge immediately after, with a shout and a cheer from Dicey and the men, explained the mystery.