Dictator [noun]

Definition of Dictator:

absolute ruler

Synonyms of Dictator:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dictator:

Sentence/Example of Dictator:

In the case of Mischief’s Putin and Kim deepfakes, however, the actors have remained anonymous for “personal security reasons,” the team said, because of the controversial nature of manipulating the images of dictators.

A majority of the years when I lived there and in their lifetime, it was ruled by a dictator.

Either out of the chaos in the absence of a fallen dictator, it’s conceivable that a person like Svetlana could come to power.

If hundreds of thousands of people get in the streets and won’t go home, it becomes harder and harder for a dictator to hold on.

I do not mind the fact that he sat down with dictators like Kim Jong-un.

The dictator Tubertus Posthumus gained a victory over the qui and Volsci, inconsiderable but noxious enemies of the commonwealth.

Civil war in Paris; barricades erected, and a terrible slaughter of the people; general Cavaignac declared dictator.

Mazzini was made a Triumvir, and henceforth became little less than dictator.

Pallavicino, the pro-dictator, Manin's old co-worker and Garibaldi's friend, courteously appealed to him to leave.

At the head of the group stood Goethe, who was then the dictator of public opinion in esthetic questions.