Dictatorial [adjective]

Definition of Dictatorial:

tyrannical, authoritarian

Opposite/Antonyms of Dictatorial:

Sentence/Example of Dictatorial:

In 2017, she called the Democratic National Committee “dictatorial” after a delegation of protesters, led by her, was not allowed into its headquarters.

The climax was reached when a most offensive policeman in a dictatorial manner ordered me to 'Move on.'

And in enforcing this cardinal truth he is dogmatic and dictatorial, as a prophet and ambassador of the Most High should be.

If anything, she was more haughty, more dictatorial than ever.

The world may be wanting in scientific knowledge and acumen, but it will never submit to dictatorial science.

This extraordinary heresy soon gathered such head that Pragam was appointed Regent and invested with almost dictatorial powers.

General Cavaignac, at the direction of the Assembly, retained his dictatorial powers until a new Constitution could be drafted.

He sent an able and devoted ecclesiastic, Gasca by name, clothing him with dictatorial powers, to see what he could do.

Even at that time he behaved in a very dictatorial manner to those gentlemen when his compositions were badly executed.

"If you go on living as you live now, in three years you will be hideous," replied Bianchon in a dictatorial tone.