Dictators [noun]

Definition of Dictators:

absolute ruler

Synonyms of Dictators:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dictators:

Sentence/Example of Dictators:

Perpetual Presidents have been tried until the Society has become disgusted with dictators.

I'm opposed to dictators, myself; that—and the Selective Service law, of course—was why I was a soldier.

I have no moral or psychological taboos against killing dictators, or anybody else.

Governors became Dictators or Presidents, but everything remains substantially Spanish.

This astonishing being, as a matter of fact, was by no means one of the first of these tyrannical Dictators.

It flatters the uneducated to feel themselves akin to their spiritual dictators, and it gives them a spurious refinement.

The American had two treacherous enemies to meet in the Dictators who professed to be his friends.

It is true that the Roman lords, consuls and dictators, after that the eagle appeared as an augury over Par.

They were dictators with a large D, and nobody could do a thing about it.

By a kind of consent never yet made law by any contest, the Goodyears were leaders and dictators.