Dictionaries [noun]

Definition of Dictionaries:

book of word meanings

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Sentence/Example of Dictionaries:

The latest edition of the unfinished dictionary was published in nine volumes in the 1930s.

Actually, the word does show up in dictionaries, even if it is considered “nonstandard.”

If you can manage to not fall off that big, wide, beginner-friendly wedge of foam that is the soft-top board, you are—at least according to the dictionary—surfing.

In certain moments, airports certainly conjure up that other definition of romance, inspiring “a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life,” as a dictionary puts it.

For a straight-up dictionary with the correct American English spellings, it’s hard to beat Merriam-Webster.

The secret word was randomly chosen from a dictionary with exactly 267,751 entries.

Each secret word is randomly chosen from a dictionary with exactly 267,751 entries.

He prepared a glossary of provincial and archological words, intended for a supplement to Johnson's Dictionary.

And when they came to the next story the Boy took pleasure in doing his own hunting in the dictionary.

The Dictionary we have compiled will tell the amateur what names will most probably supply the qualities he desires.