Did [verb]

Definition of Did:

carry out

Opposite/Antonyms of Did:

Sentence/Example of Did:

She pulled the sheet over her head to shut out the noise; but still she heard the singing, "Katy-did-it!"

Another bird which is now incubating eggs on the ground is the did-he-do-it or red-wattled lapwing (Sarcogrammus indicus).

He saved me from the poorhouseyes, he did!jest to git all the work out o me he couldto hear him tell it!

He really had no hope of starting it at that figure so he over-did it that time.

D-d-did you say that you drove her over to the Spanish Causeway yesterday?

It was not surprising that Lizzie in her difficulties should use her new friend, but perhaps she over-did the friendship a little.

The South aint had nothin', but a termination not to be out-did, so we dealt wid de North.

By Jove, he added, as his eye fell on the blue sign of a telegraph office, did-did-damn if I dont telegraph them right now.

His "Did-you-hears," "Did-you-knows" and "Wouldn't-have-dreamed" would have done credit to a tea-party.

The theory that loved, for example, is a fused form of love-did has been generally given up.