Dies [verb]

Definition of Dies:

pass away; stop living

Synonyms of Dies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dies:

Sentence/Example of Dies:

The tenor dies; the prima donna appears to do the same, but the libretto consoles you by declaring that she only swoons.

A germ flies from a stagnant pool, and the laughing child, its mother's darling, dies dreadfully of diphtheria.

Walking thrice round it, he at each time gravely repeated: "If she dies she dies, but if she lives she lives."

He cannot live; and the doctor says that neither speech nor recollection can return before he dies.

So dies the invasion of England bogey which, from first to last, has wrought us an infinity of harm.

It is said that food passes through its body as fast as it is eaten, so it is not nourished, and soon dies for this reason.

The tiller of the Indian fields lives and dies in his village and has no interests beyond the horizon.

It reaches its full growth the first year: in the second it bears fruit, and then dies.

If a horse dies while in the innkeeper's charge, he is liable unless he can show facts that excuse him.

This punishment lasts from a few days to several months; in the latter case the prisoner generally dies.