Differed [verb]

Definition of Differed:

be dissimilar, distinct

Opposite/Antonyms of Differed:

Sentence/Example of Differed:

Where they differ is providing users with both the pathway and tools to complete an intended action.

The sounds that change across time are unpredictable, and differ from language to language, and some may not happen to change at all.

This differs from typical image data sets, which would label the same picture with only one noun, like “cat.”

Those recipes differed in how much chitin and regolith were used.

Still, a few studies have found that the brains of male and female athletes can differ in their response to injury.

Around 600 had to be dug up and replanted, though reports differ as to whether this was because they were in the wrong place or because they were the wrong kind of tree.

Democrats and Republicans grilled Facebook, Google and Twitter at a highly partisan congressional hearing Wednesday that exposed differing views and deep distrust about the power of Silicon Valley to police the web.

Short cyclists also tend to weigh less, which prompts an additional list of settings that might differ from the ones preferred by tall cyclists.

These differing attitudes towards risk, taken across an entire economy, can make forecasting the recovery anything but straightforward.

Now, when preparing an offer for a buyer, an agent will discuss how, when, which, or if inspections should be conducted, in what manner the process may differ in each jurisdiction, and how a buyer’s market or a seller’s market can affect the process.