Differentiate [verb]

Definition of Differentiate:

make a distinction

Synonyms of Differentiate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Differentiate:

Sentence/Example of Differentiate:

What differentiates Verify is that it focuses primarily on video, Ostrow said, though as the new team comes together they will also produce more articles.

There are a few popular types of reusable hand warmers, differentiated by heating mechanism.

They’re motivated first and foremost by winning the war for talent, but also by opportunities to differentiate themselves with customers and investors.

Yet few have been taught how to differentiate between the streams to information to understand when and how they are being lied to and manipulated.

So now, it’s up to diners to differentiate between decisions made with public health in mind, and those fueled by economic or political pressures.

Astra aims to differentiate itself in the trillion-dollar market for space commerce by offering smaller, more frequent launches into low Earth orbit.

This only happens when you write content that’s differentiated, that focuses on quality, and that isn’t about making sure you cover certain topics for the sake of covering a certain topic.

Human beings are not good at differentiating scale past a certain fairly small number, and hundreds can quickly seem like millions.

To differentiate from the growing number of neobanks, Charlie will continue to focus on paying down debt and savings.

Since some vaccines need ultra-cold storage, facilities will have to be differentiated according to that and other storage capabilities.