Differentiated [verb]

Definition of Differentiated:

make a distinction

Synonyms of Differentiated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Differentiated:

Sentence/Example of Differentiated:

They are cells which have been highly differentiated for the purpose of carrying oxygen from the lungs to the tissues.

White corpuscles, or leukocytes, are less highly differentiated cells.

While the parasites are more easily found in stained preparations, the varieties are more easily differentiated in fresh blood.

Outside the body the rhabditiform embryos develop into a free-living, sexually differentiated generation.

We understand that comic postcards may be differentiated from others by the word "Comic" plainly printed on the card.

From what diseases is impetigo contagiosa to be differentiated?

From what diseases is the tubercular syphiloderm to be differentiated?

From what formations is the gummatous syphiloderm to be differentiated?

The games of young animals often exhibit the character of love-games, and are in that case sexually differentiated.

Personal property, moreover, comes to be more and more differentiated from the possessions of the group.