Differentiation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Differentiation:

Cell differentiation is evidently not a one-way street, as previously believed.

Meanwhile, many department store chains made the wrong bets, investing more heavily in store expansion while underinvesting in merchandise differentiation and e-commerce strategies.

Its main differentiation from MOOCs is that it’s live and has teacher assistants.

Jiko’s unusual, slow-and-steady approach isn’t its only point of differentiation.

It’s a far more aggressive point of differentiation than Microsoft is actively signalling in the marketplace now.

Besides the differentiation of germ-cells there are rather obvious differences in the bodies of the two sexes.

In other words, what is the nature of the process of differentiation into male and female which it sets in motion?

There must be a differentiation between them, and a differentiation that will clearly meet the various uses to which they are put.

It is worthy of note that as the distance away from the center of differentiation increases, the number of species decreases.

A secondary center of differentiation is apparent in the low, hot valleys of central California.