Differs [verb]

Definition of Differs:

be dissimilar, distinct

Opposite/Antonyms of Differs:

Sentence/Example of Differs:

The essential point in which it differs from any other known mineral consists in its being at once fibrous and textile.

The courts have been often troubled about the degree of care required of bailees, as it differs under varying circumstances.

The composition of animal caseine differs from this principally in the amount of carbon.

It is a ground of humility to each Section of the visible Church that every other, in some things, differs from it.

It contains no warrants to do anything and therefore differs from a deed of warranty.

The hotels at these places are generally excellent from the English point of view, which differs somewhat from the American.

The plant differs from most varieties in the color of the flowers and the form of the leaves.

This genus appears to be nearly allied to the Agamae, but differs from them in the peculiar frill that is appended to the neck.

This shell is very like Cytherea loeta, but differs from it in its markings, as well as its outline, which is more orbicular.

In this part of the wave's work the application of the energy which it transmits differs strikingly from the work previously done.