Diffraction [noun]

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X-rays are then fired at these crystals, allowing a scientist to work backward from the diffraction patterns they make to build up a picture of the protein itself.

The diffraction pattern of the X-rays allows researchers to build up a picture of the internal structure of the protein.

The phenomenon is purely optical, involving diffraction of light.

It is therefore certain that this is a phenomenon of the diffraction of light simply produced by the vesicles of the mist.

X-ray-diffraction studies showed no material differences, nor were there detectable differences in “feel”, smell, or plasticity.

Perfect transparency is obtained since there is neither refraction nor diffraction of the visible colors.

This diffraction of light first proved to us definitely the reality of the undulatory theory of light.

The street-lamps at night, looked at through the meshes of a handkerchief, show diffraction phenomena.

The diffraction effects obtained in looking through a bird's feathers are, as shown by Schwerd, very brilliant.

The iridescence of certain Alpine clouds is also an effect of diffraction which may be imitated by the spores of Lycopodium.