Diffusing [verb]

Definition of Diffusing:

implant, introduce

Synonyms of Diffusing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diffusing:

Sentence/Example of Diffusing:

He was very successful in diffusing among the young a love for the study of mineralogy and geology.

The earnest and faithful disciple of wisdom goes through life everywhere diffusing knowledge, and everywhere gathering it up.

That is the way we are "diffusing" humanity, and its sentiments with it.

Emphasis upon publication as a means of "diffusing knowledge" was expressed by the first Secretary of the Smithsonian.

The grammar schools were diffusing a new knowledge and mental energy through the middle classes and among the country gentry.

The Wardian Case has been instrumental in diffusing a love of these pursuits among all classes of society.

One looking at me sees a cold-poised young woman, reserved and aloof, slightly diffusing insolence and inspiring misgivings.

It was like an internal bath of sunshine, peaceful, radiant, diffusing a quiet happiness about them.

And how have you thought it would adorn and grace the precincts of your home, diffusing fragrance on every side.

She looked from one to the other, at Julia tall and flaming, and Desmond diffusing a kind of electricity.