Digital [adjective]

Definition of Digital:

concerning mathematics

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Sentence/Example of Digital:

There are many consumers near you, and they are the ones that can easily be targeted with effective digital and keyword tactics.

Apparently, if you want to improve your digital marketing, you will need to focus on Analytics, Personalization, and Optimization.

After I slipped on a VR headset, I met a digital tour guide named Erin, who invited me to uproot a red rose from a pixelated flower patch hovering in midair.

It’s as if Google is testing ways to be the point of singularity across all internet and digital marketing.

By designing business organization, strategy, and technology around digital transformation, brands can ultimately deliver customer experiences that are contextually relevant and personally informed.

Hadley Keller, digital director of House Beautiful, says that if you can recall where your pieces came from, you can contact customer service and ask if someone can pull up your records.

Local SEO is undeniably one of the most powerful weapons in the digital marketing arsenal for small businesses.

Two-year-old coding-for-kids startup WhiteHat Jr became all the rage in India last year when it launched a multimillion-dollar advertising blitzkrieg, flooding television screens and digital media.

Nor have they backed plans to impose new taxes or fees on other digital services, even if doing so might better fund the government’s attempts to boost broadband.

Other key drivers for moving digital marketing in-house include being able to give more time and attention given to the brand and being closer to the brand messaging.