Dignitary [noun]

Definition of Dignitary:

high ranking person

Synonyms of Dignitary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dignitary:

Sentence/Example of Dignitary:

After sitting vacant for years, the mansion came back to life in the 1980s, when iconic Baltimore Mayor William Donald Schaefer used it to host dignitaries.

I desired him to accompany me to call on this dignitary, but he did not seem at all anxious for the job.

The high-priest was a great dignitary, and generally belonged to the royal family.

His deportment at this solemn ceremony, as related by a church dignitary, was fully edifying.

It was not long before the curtain was drawn aside again, and one entered who seemed to be a dignitary of the court.

And this great dignitary pointed to me with scorn and said: "Number one foolo."

He feels that it is he who gives all importance to that dignitary, for it is the cap that makes the Rabbi.

The learned doctor is now one of the "dons" of the university,--at that time, even more than now, a great dignitary.

The dignitary of the Church glanced at her, and a fleeting expression of pleased surprise lit up his clerical countenance.

Alderman, awl′dėr-man, n. in English and Irish boroughs, a civic dignitary next in rank to the mayor.