Digs [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Digs:

De 'oman faints an' he digs her up, but in a few minutes she am stone dead.

Its paws are large and well armed, with which it digs up plants, and sometimes dead bodies from their graves.

What does it matter what he digs for; you know nothing about his business.

Some poor miner usually finds a ledge of quartz-rock and digs down the way the ledge goes.

The ground squirrel, or chipmunk, digs holes in the ground, where he hides his winter's store of grain and nuts.

She finds a place where the snow is soft, and she digs and digs in it, and then lies down in it and covers herself up.

It needs the shifting soil in which, using its mandibles as a plough-share, it digs into the ground and buries itself.

He brings a spade and digs wherever he sees the sandy ropes of the "lug," for this worm makes good fishing bait.

One of the little Bobbies pulls a kidney bean or a tomato or digs a potato for my dinner, about half an hour before it is served.

I move we declare a strike until Scraggs digs up the money to overhaul the boiler.