Diked [verb]

Definition of Diked:

secure, usually with a length of material

Synonyms of Diked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diked:

Sentence/Example of Diked:

Lose the house or parade the family skeletons all diked out in pink sashes and tin-can labels.

But much of this swamp and tule land has been drained and diked, and is now used for farm land.

When these tule lands have been diked and drained, they are sold for from twenty to twenty-five dollars per acre.

She's as quick as a monkey and would look so cunning diked up in a cap and apron.

Then a company with a shrewd head bought it, diked it, and drained it.

Once absolutely uncontrollable, this little stream has been diked, and now waters and fertilizes many neighbouring gardens.

Considerable tracts have also been diked and reclaimed for cotton, sugar and especially for rice culture.

Opposite to us, indeed, the country is diked in, and vessels left dry at the wharves had a strange appearance.

In many places the Mississippi River, closely diked, flows high above the lands adjacent.

These lands, after being diked and drained, proved to be remarkably well adapted to the growth of the cauliflower and its seed.