Dilapidated [adjective]

Definition of Dilapidated:

falling apart; in ruins

Synonyms of Dilapidated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dilapidated:

Sentence/Example of Dilapidated:

Twenty-eight years ago the Los Angeles LGBT Center moved from a rather dilapidated old motel and into a newly renovated 4,400-square-foot building in Hollywood.

The mansion where the main characters lived allowed me to escape my old dilapidated farmhouse for a solid 23 minutes every day.

It’s just a dilapidated former bed and breakfast, or so her mom tells her.

With no fresh cash coming in, the graveyard had become a dilapidated embarrassment.

Gómez noted that lead is still present in older, more dilapidated housing — though I would argue lead isn’t really a climate issue.

There was a window on each side of the dilapidated entrance, and one story above; but no light was visible.

The cheapest cigars in New York are dispensed by dilapidated Chinamen, who have little stands about the streets and markets.

We were admitted by the keeper, who lives in the dilapidated but delightfully picturesque half-timbered gatehouse.

And yet at this dilapidated old inn there were a number of guests who made great pretensions at style.

There still remained several handsome old ivy-covered mansions, and many beautiful as well as picturesquely dilapidated gardens.