Dilatoriness [noun]

Definition of Dilatoriness:

unwillingness to work, be active

Opposite/Antonyms of Dilatoriness:

Sentence/Example of Dilatoriness:

The usual dilatoriness of Austria gave time for Vendme to take the initiative.

One of the causes of this dilatoriness was that neither side really desired peace.

When Congress will rise no mortal can tell—not from the quantity but dilatoriness of business.

But now his person was no longer in danger; and his natural inefficiency and dilatoriness returned.

The affair was dallied with, and inefficiency and dilatoriness prevailed everywhere.

The government authorities at St. Petersburg were in the highest degree dissatisfied with this seeming dilatoriness.

Perhaps the dilatoriness of the "artist" who mounted my first specimens had a stimulating effect.

We are exhibiting the same dilatoriness which we exhibited then, and we shall be fortunate if we escape the same consequences.

The dilatoriness of the London publishers has just been mentioned.

He owed, however, his safety to nothing but Saavedras indecision and dilatoriness.