Dilution [noun]

Definition of Dilution:

something for dunking

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Sentence/Example of Dilution:

Financial entrepreneurs have launched a number of products, from SaaS securitization to debt-based financing, to help founders avoid that dilution, particularly when they have recurring revenues clocked on the books.

That helped to limit dilution in its earlier growth rounds, and ultimately protected their ownership in the company.

Brewer’s yeast cells convert inedible sugars into edible ones, so individuals benefit from having many close neighbors, while dilution starves yeast populations.

So that looming dilution means Snowflake is sporting––at the September 16 price of around $250–– what we’ll call a shadow valuation of more like $90 billion.

One drop of the serum is then added to nine drops of normal salt solution, making a dilution of 1:10.

The dilution can be more accurately made in the leukocyte pipet of the Thoma-Zeiss instrument.

Distilled water may be used for dilution, but is more liable to cause error.

Goodale begins with five drops of that dilution that just fails to cause a skin reaction.

Koessler's theoretical initial dose of rag weed extract is one drop of the weakest dilution that will just redden the conjunctiva.

The same exception applies also to gases which undergo chemical changes, as the result of dilution or change of temperature.