Dimension [noun]

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Almost every dimension of inequity has been accentuated here.

At times he’s proposed worlds where the rules of the universe that we take for granted — about space, dimensions, the human body, the nature of dreams — are bent into strange new shapes.

All the while, lidar measured the exact dimensions of their bodies.

Psychologists call this misleading feeling of helplessness the “pseudoinefficacy effect,” and it has a political dimension that may keep individuals from working to help others.

A simple argument shows that once the conjecture is false in one dimension, it’s necessarily false in all higher dimensions.

By adding extra dimensions into models of massive gravity, de Rham and her collaborators were able to avoid the ghosts and rekindle the century-long hope of a mathematically plausible theory.

At each point in the space it’s possible to draw six “vectors,” or directed arrows, which correspond to the direction or momentum of the planet along the dimension in which the vector points.

I think you’d have a very deliberative process to really look at our China strategy in all of its dimensions and also to connect it to the important areas of investment here at home.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed daily life for so many of us, on so many dimensions, that it’s impossible to know what the new normal will look like, and when we’ll see it.

There were good outcomes on some dimensions — you got the unemployment rate way, way down.